My Favorite Security Programs

  • Anti-Virus
1. The best free anti virus for Personal use
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2. Another free anti virus for personal use that I recommend

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  • USB Firewall
Save your PC from Pen drive or other devices that uses USB Port of your PC
  • Unwanted Intrusion Detector (Spyware Protector)
New Free PC Solution Stops Malware Before It Overtakes your PC.

Arovax Shield

Threat Fire
  • Best Free File Cleaner

For clean registry, delete temp files and others

To delete only temp files:

  • Software Review Site
  • Windows XP Live CD
For creating a live WinXP CD that can be used to diagnose machine booting from a live CD (many anti virus tool, spyware tool are bundled with this). Recommended for the person involving in troubleshooting always. Allows you to create a LIVE CD with up to date programs, so you can boot into your Windows system and repair it when needed.
  • Scan Background Running Program (for Spyware)
This type of soft is used for detecting spyware manually and kill

Run Scanner

X-Ray PC
  • Disk Imaging Software
This kind of software is used for taking backup of the whole partition and revive them after virus


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