Generic Host Process for Win32 Service Error for Edge Modem

A few days ago, while i was surfing the web, an error occurred and it disconnected me from the internet. So i restarted my pc and after that i've been getting this annoying error everytime my computer is turned on and connected to internet for about 5 or 12 mins and the error message appears and it disconnects me from the internet, MSN , IRC and browser too and couldnt reconnect again. So i restart my pc everytime i get that error, was too lazy to fix it. hehehe! I got really mad about that problem and i started to work on my other pc with the same connection, not even half an hour, the annoying error popped on that even! So finally i thought of fixing that.

I met few people who got the same annoying error and some people told its a virus or something. So i scaned my pc with NOD32, Ad-aware SE , Spyware Doctor which are update-to-date, but it didnt detect any virus or anything. Some people have formatted their pc, but still the annoying error appears. I was so desperated and finally one of my friend came with a solution for this and since there are many people who got this old annoying error and also it keeps increasing day by day. So i've decided to post about this so people who got this problem can fix it without getting mad ;)
All you got to do is, close the so called port 135 & 445

To close it, do the following steps:

1. Open Registry Editor by going to Start>Run and in the box type: regedit.exe and press OK.

2. Now, from the Registry Editor, go to Edit>Find or Ctrl+F and write "TransportBindName" in the box without the quotation mark. It may take few mins to search. This value can be found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\NetBT\Parameters

3. Double-click on that value and delete the default value in the box and press OK.

4. Find the value "EnableDCOM" which can be found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole

5. Double-click on that value and set the value in the box as 'N' which currently maybe set as 'Y'.

6. Close the Registry Editor and restart your pc.

You can also download Windows Worms Doors Cleaner (WWDC) and close 135, 445 and NetBIOS (if necessary) or all the ports, but by disabling only 135 & 445 my pc seems to be normal without formatting my pc. One of my friend told this problem can be fixed by a patch from Microsoft and by using a registry cleaner and also he told this problem can be created by a virus called w32/sbotworm which attacks those ports. That virus is detectable from McAfee and the virus maybe still trying to get around the fix and again create that same old annoying error. So you need to update windows and virus definitions.

So anyways i hope you can get out of this annoying thingy. Good luck and thankx for slees and vixhal for this great solution. Cheers ;)


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